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Robotics Academy

For the first time in Greece, FREDERICK University of Cyprus, after many years of research and educational activity, opens its doors and invites both young and old to get to know the wonderful world of Robotics. This is an entrepreneurial activity in the context of widening the cooperation between the two organizations, which in the last few months has shown strong mobility in the field of education in Greece, hoping on the one hand to increase the clientele of the cooperating educational institutions and to increase the awareness of the brand of the University.

Robotics and intelligent systems are everywhere in our everyday routine, particularly in smart cars, smart homes, smart buildings, smart phones, medicine, web search engines, automated safety systems, in every phase of the shipping industry and in many other applications and devices. There is something that fascinates people when they see a robot moving and making decisions. Robots, by nature, create curiosity, enthusiasm and admiration for people of all ages, which create opportunities for investigation, inspiration, exploration, study and development / cultivation of ideas.

In recent years, robotic education activities have been gaining ground in the field of education. Significant steps and revolution in the field of robotics in education have been achieved in the last decade, though, with robotics going beyond the laboratory environment and entering into reality in the school environment and specifically in the classroom. Materials (which can be considered as toys) and activities that can be designed within the framework of robotics bring children closer to technology as well as "provoking" their relationship with it, despite the fact that students have nowadays included technology in their everyday lives for various purposes.

It is well established that many educational institutions of all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary) use a variety of robotics packages such as MINDSTORMS, VEX, Engino, Bee-Bot and others to learn basic principles of engineering, programming and control. Programming is a basic skill that unlocks the potential of all these intelligent systems for students and teachers. The teaching of programming lays the foundations for various professional fields.

Apart from teaching robotics as a subject, several studies suggest that using robotics for educational purposes is an effective teaching method. In fact, robotics can be used as an educational tool and integrated into the teaching and learning process in order to achieve specific learning objectives. Incorporating robotics as an educational tool in various cognitive subjects, students can look at concepts in Mathematics, Science, Greek, English, Literature etc.

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Researchers argue that if robotics exercises are properly used they can improve and enhance teaching significantly.

Furthermore, students gain valuable experience in project management, system analysis, information access, teamwork and problem solving. Activities related to robotics are enjoyable and creative, combining games with learning, and in particular the development of a variety of higher-level skills and competences through scientific exploration. Using robotics as a tool, students learn through construction. In particular, students create interactive "thinking objects" using materials from the world of engineering (machines, sensors) while developing their digital and technological literacy. In addition, students are given the opportunity to interact with the multidimensional process of problem solving and decision making, while at the same time cultivating scientific skills, cooperative learning and exploration skills. Finally, it helps to understand the different phenomena of the real world by linking theory and practice, abstract and specific.

Taking into account the above mentioned, Robotics Academy was established at Frederick University in order to offer rows of workshops where robotics is taught as a cognitive subject, as well as workshops where robotics is integrated as an educational and cognitive tool within the teaching and learning process so as to achieve specific learning objectives.

Specifically, Robotics Academy of Frederick University offers, at the premises of the University of Limassol, robotics courses to learn how to use different robotics packages (robot construction and learning language programming), robotics principles, robotics as a training tool and preparation for participation in the Olympic robotics and other robotics competitions. Robotics Academy has the tools that promote mathematical and engineering capability as well as technological and scientific knowledge for all levels of education.

Except for that, with the permission and approval of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, Robotics Academy of Frederick University visits nursery schools and primary schools in order to engage young pupils in the wonderful field of Robotics with more than 250 schools to have embraced it Robotics Academy of Frederick University has developed training programs:

For students aged 6-12: