EU funded Projects

UNICERT participates in the implementation of EU funded projects, especially, under the Erasmus Plus Programme. The majority of those projects includes the design and development of training content, methodologies and tools, as well as certification schemes for a broad range of target groups. Consequently, the Company has established long lasting collaborations with many education providers across all levels, ranging from Higher Education to Primary. Indicatively, UNICERT is involved in the following projects:

Development of Adult Skills in the Field of Geothermal Energy

UNICERT is participating in the strategic partnership project “Development of Adult Skills in the Field of Geothermal Energy”, which started in December 2019 and is expected to be completed by November 2021.

Lifelong learning is an inseparable part of daily life. Because the continuous structural changes required by the digital age affect all areas of life, individuals, societies and economies. Updating the skills and competences is possible through adult education in lifelong learning approach. The quality and quantity of the human resources required by the economic sectors are constantly being changed. That is why gaining new skills becomes very important in an ever-changing world. Therefore, our project is built on the development of adult skills in accordance with the characteristics of the digital age. The general aim of the project is to contribute to the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of green and competitive economy through the use of geothermal energy in agriculture, food industry and animal husbandry. The target group of our project are the trainers in adult education regarding the use of geothermal energy and the low skilled adults who can be employed in these areas.

The project results are:

  • Two training programmes for adults on the use of Geothermal Energy in dried food preparation and the use of geothermal energy in fish breeding farms
  • A series of eLearning modules on geothermal energy applications. All modules will be prepared as videos or animations with an average length of 3-5 minutes. In addition, texts in pdf format will be prepared for further reading. The modules, all of which will be developed in English, are
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Renewable energy
  • Geothermal energy usage areas
  • Occupational safety in geothermal greenhouses
  • Use of geothermal greenhouses for growing vegetables / fruits / ornamental plants
  • The use of Geothermal Energy in dried food preparation
  • The use of geothermal energy in fish breeding farms

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Kizilcahamam Halk Egitim Merkezi (


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The project is funded by the European Union, under the Erasmus plus programme.