FURNICERT Project Certification application is open!

Embarking on the path to obtain a recognised certification of skills after your attendance into FURNICERT project! After your attendance to the pilot phase, you are eligible to attend and declare your interest to participate in the certification procedure.

Please enlighten your questions with the below FAQ following the answers:

Q1. How am I declare my interest to participate into the certification exams?

In this post bellow you will find an online application form to fill your personal data and upload all the necessary documents to participate to the exams

Q2. Is it compulsory to fill in the application form and upload the requested documents?

Yes, it is compulsory, as the certification exam are following the European Qualification Standards which has specific procedures and requirements.

Q3. When will the certification exams take place?

The certification exams will take place in three rounds. The first round will be on June 2024, the second round  July – August 2024. The specific dates of the exams are given in the online application form – declaration of interest for the certification.

Q4. How many chances I have in order to pass the certification exams?

There are 2 chances to pass the certification exams per year. In the case that you will fail to pass the exams during the first round (on June) or the second round (on July), there will be a resit round on late January 2025.

Q5. How the certification exams will be delivered?

The certification exams will be delivered online UNICERT S.A. certification system called Certify and it’s online platform using your own personal computer from your personal space.

Q6. Which are the requirements of the online certification exam?

The minimum requirements of the online certification exam are the following:

  • Photo ID (A valid Government issued ID that includes a photograph and date of birth in English characters, such as a National ID card, Passport, driving license or social security card.)
  • A quiet room with sufficient light and a clean desk. No other persons are allowed to be present in the room.
  • External or integrated Web camera able to rotate 360o
  • Desktop or laptop with Internet connectivity (at least 512/512 kbps for uploading /downloading)
  • Speakers and microphone

Q7. Which is the duration of the certification exam?

The duration of the exam is 100 minutes maximun duartion.

Q8. Which is the score that I should achieve in order to pass the certification exams?

The minimum score that you should achieve in order to pass the final exams is 70% (68 correct answers out to 96)

Identity form:



Certification Prerequisites

GDPR statement:
We would like to inform you that during the certification of the FURNICERT progect and in the context of the project, a camera will be used during the examination and the participant will be asked for reasons of transparency to visually inspect the surrounding area. Also in this context we are obliged by EU and Erasmus + regulations to keep in our file all personal data and material that we collect and produce during this project for at least 5 years after the completion of the project.

I declare that I ACCEPT the above statements regarding the activities of the project. (required)