ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality Management System

One step forward for every company

  • Improves or maintains ongoing processes with new ones, aiming to improve performance
  • Ensures the anticipated quality of provided products/services based on particular specifications
  • Ensures compliance with legislative, regulatory and/or standard provisions relevant to its activities
  • Contributes to risk detection regarding the organization and its operation
  • Demonstrates the expertise, consistency and reliability of products/service delivery to customers
  • Increases customer satisfaction and trust in the organization
  • Strengthens its prestige and competitiveness and consolidates it in the national and international markets
  • Optimizes resource and time management, reduces production costs, increases the organization’s robustness.


The provision of services in conformity with international certification standards, given the dynamic and highly competitive working environment, is a powerful competitive advantage as well as a benchmark in the global market.

UNICERT, having many years of experience in the certification of natural persons, is also entering the field of certification of Management Systems. With experienced executives and collaborators (inspectors and experts), UNICERT inspects the compliance of every company and after the effective completion of the certification procedures, according to international standards, issues the related certificate:

  • ISO 9001 which regulates the requirements for the development and implementation of a Quality Management System
  • ISO/IEC 27001 which regulates the requirements of an Information Management Security System
  • ISO 22000 which regulates the requirements of a Food Safety Management System
  • ISO 14001 which regulates the requirements of an Environmental Management System.

These standards can be implemented by any organization, regardless of its size, giving itself credence and additional value.

The development and implementation of a Management System according to one of these standards assures that the organization receives multiple benefits, covering the full range of its activities.