Students of the Media Department of IEK Unicert, during their studies, visited the Action 24 studios and participated in the production of the Briefing show, which was co-ordinated by George Pierros.

Students, along with the head of the department, Yiannis Politis, watched the “flow” of the show, recorded the information and comments of its contributors, and then participated in the creation of the Briefing “front page”.

This show is a simulation of the daily press conference, which takes place in all newspapers and TV channels, to evaluate the events of the day and determine their presentation.

By participating in this special issue of Action 24, students of the IEK Unicert Media Department have the opportunity to learn firsthand and from experienced and reputable journalists the secrets of demanding and competitive profession of journalist.

During the academic year, students of the IEK Unicert Media Department will have the opportunity to visit other shows, including Action 24, radio stations and newspapers, so as to have a comprehensive view of the charming and demanding world of Media.