Unicert Group invites you to the Open Day which will take place on Thursday 5/9 at 10:30 -15:00 in the context of the development of integrated Education and Certification services.

Unicert was founded in 2015 by Mr. Nikolaos Noulas and Dr. Dimitrios Derpanis with the initial vision of creating the leading Education and Certification Group. After 4 years of strenuous and persistent efforts, UNICERT has consolidated its presence on the educational ladder by establishing itself as the largest Greek, internationally recognized certification body operating in Greece today. Perhaps the most important factor that led to this success was – and continues to be – the trustful relationship developed with the market and our partners, as a result of the achievement and verification of the expectations set, with the ultimate goal of customer service with a top quality product being as high as possible. With this philosophy and with your support, the Group is developing new activities with the same vision and goal: The top!

So, on the occasion of the 4 years anniversary of the Group’s founding, on that day you will have the opportunity to:

Attend lectures by the Business Units Managers, presenting the activities related to each.

Find out about the new activities of the Group:

Unicert Studies (ΚDBM2)

Unicert IEK

The event will be welcomed by the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Dimitrios Derpanis, while a more general and specific presentation of the Group and its activities will be given by:

Konstantinos Papazoglou – General Manager
Panagiotis Psarakis – Sales Manager
Zoe Hatzi – Director of Lifelong and Distance Learning
Maria Stella Psara – Director of KDBM2 and IEK

We will be glad to welcome you to our new state-of-the-art facilities of our Group.