The Open Day of the UNICERT Certification and Training Group was successfully completed with representatives of politics, journalism and the academic community attending the event.

In his address, Mr. Yiannis Politis, a prominent journalist and academic with a successful presence in the field of information – Director of Journalism at the pending license UNICERT IEK, gave the mark of the new educational organization, which could be summarized in the phrase “journalism returns”, while Sia Kosioni, who constitutes a member of the group of trainers, wished good luck in this new beginning.

The President of the Group, Mr. Noulas Nikolaos, emphasized the need for providing quality educational services that will meet the needs of the labor market, while the Group CEO, Dr. Dimitrios Derpanis, referred to UNICERT’s progress so far and the role played by both the company and certification in education in general.

Following the above brief presentations and placements by Mr. Konstantinos Papazoglou (Group General Manager), Panagiotis Psarakis (Group Sales Manager), Maria Psarra (IEK / KDBM2 Director) and Zoe Hatzis (Distance and Lifelong Learning Director) took place.

On the sidelines of the event, attendees had the opportunity to browse the new modern facilities of the Group and learn about the new innovative services offered by the Group companies.