Unicert Group at the 4th SEnDing Transnational Meeting (ERASMUS+)

The 4th Transnational Meeting of the SEnDing project (Sector Skills Alliance for Innovative VET Programs for Data Science and Internet of Things professionals) took place in Dublin on 8-9/11/2019.

As part of its participation in the project, Universal Certification Solutions (Unicert) will develop a targeted certification scheme for the knowledge and skills that the participants will acquire, following the follow-up of two innovative training programs (Data Science and Internet of Things).

In addition, Unicert is responsible for the successful and uninterrupted conduct of the certification exams in all three participating countries (Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria).

At the international meeting Unicert was represented by the European Programs Division’s Panagiotis Marketakis and Project Manager, Paraschos Kambageorgiou.

During the two-day project, partners reported on the progress of the scheme’s work in relation to the original programming, as well as finalizing the timetable for the third and final year of project implementation (11/2019 – 11/2020). In this context, it is foreseen for the next reporting period to organize and complete the provision of training to those concerned and to carry out their respective certification process.

The SEnDIng project aims to:

Address the skills gap of IT professionals, ICT workers and freelancers.

Provide skills to IT professionals working in the field of Data Science and the Internet of Things, which are universally recognized among European countries.

Design a reference scheme for the knowledge, skills and competencies required of IT professionals working in the field of Data Science and the Internet of Things. The reference scheme will be designed according to European reference frameworks, standards (eg ECF and ESCO).

The design and implementation of two modular, vocational education and training programs will be built on learning outcomes and target IT professionals active in the field of Data Science and the Internet of Things.

Design a framework for the certification of trainees’ skills and competences.